Colleverde is all about ECO-hospitality

For the Colleverde hotel, sustainability is an ethical choice. Living and working in the midst of nature is more than a pleasure, it is also and above all, a responsibility. It is our responsibility to preserve the beauty all around us and to leave new generations with a healthy environment that is a great place to live in.
When designing the facility, the Cangiotti family chose to use the latest environmental technologies in order to provide genuine ECO hospitality.

For the Colleverde hotel eco-hospitality means attention to detail, technological research and building solutions able to guarantee a stay that is all about wellness but with the lowest possible impact on the environment. This means using natural, organic products and collaborating with virtuous partners. Our Country House hospitality is not just about elegant design and customised style in every room, but it is also and above all about the quality of materials and the use of technological solutions on the cutting edge to provide guests with maximum wellness.

Colleverde ECO

Some examples:
• Our heating and cooling system guarantees filtered air that has been purified through carbon filters.
• The hotel has two photovoltaic systems to produce electricity and keep consumption to a minimum. These systems have been built to have a minimum aesthetic impact on their surroundings. Computerised, remote control allows us to connect to the photovoltaic system and to view production instantly, as well as to manage inverters and draw up production statistics.
• We have a solar-powered system to provide hot water, and to heat the radiators and the pool in the Wellness Centre.
• As well as producing energy, COLLEVERDE has worked from the beginning to keep power and gas consumption to a minimum by using specific construction materials, state-of-the-art insulation, and Energy Star electronic instruments. The hotel uses 90% LED or low-consumption lamps as well as motion sensors to switch lights on and off automatically.
• In view of the quality and the type of green area around the hotel, we have installed an excellent purifier that configures an efficient collection, purifying, filtering and sterilisation of dirty water, which is recovered for irrigation purposes.
• In terms of eco sustainability, we use bio-degradable plant-based cleansers containing essential oils.
• Our excellent courtesy sets come in recycled cardboard packaging, and our soaps are made with olive oil.
Our natural surroundings need to be preserved and cared for, which is why COLLEVERDE recycles and differentiates its waste collection. We divide organic waste, paper and card, plastic, glass, wood, Tetra packs, aluminium, and oil and fat from the kitchen.

Colleverde is an ECO hotel also because it has chosen to use domotics as part of its energy saving.

Colleverde Country House has a Bus distributed intelligence system designed to improve the management of the electrical and heating system.
The aims of the system are to save energy (electricity, conditioning and heating) as well as making it easy to manage. By applying this system it is in fact possible to save some 30% on cooling, 20% on heating, and 15% on electricity use. And by monitoring the structure in real time, it is possible to obtain all of the information we need on the operation of room systems and public spaces, in order to cut waste and inefficiency. The room supervision system has been studied so that when the guests are out, the room itself enters stand-by mode. Energy use is optimised: the lights and heating are modulated so than when guests return, the room is set to offer excellent comfort.
And for room access, the best technology on the market has been used: a Transponder system. This system provides notable advantages compared to the magnetic strip or microchip systems: the card cannot be demagnetised and there is no specific reading direction, since whatever the position or direction, the remote scanner is able to recognise the card.

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