About Us

A family that dedicates itself to the care and wellbeing of its guests, every day

Famiglia Cangiotti Hotel Urbino

Youth is often about joy and and connecting with others, being open to new things.
It is on this basis that we greet guests who come to Colleverde, where they find not only a pleasant setting and immediate refreshment, but also the ideal place for physical and mental wellness. Here, we help their faces glow, their bodies be harmonious, and their souls feel serene.
“We are grateful to our parents for creating this dream, that we can in turn share with others"
Sara and Carlo

The Cangiotti family, in Urbino for at least 10 generations, will welcome you with warmth and discretion. The hotel is an early 20th-century farmhouse, restored and renovated in keeping with the traditional historic architecture of the Montefeltro region and stands on the outskirts of a protected woodland area that separates Urbino from Urbania, the ancient Casteldurante.